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Launch and Maintenance

System Start

 Brief Description of the Integration Project

  1. The System is launched by a joint Project Team that consists of specialists of the Bank and CFT, who can work both on-site and remotely.
  2. The Project consists of a set of sub-projects – "one Project for one Product".
  3. Each sub-project is aimed at a certain business result for the Bank and has a fixed LAUNCH DATE and PRODUCT PARAMETERS.
  4. Project Management:
    1. 4.1 Project Director​​ is the head of the Project on the part of CFT who is responsible for TIMELY launch of all Products necessary for the Bank.
    2. 4.2 Sub-project Co-director is the head of a sub-project on the launch of a certain Financial Product on the part of the Bank who is responsible for determination of the PARAMETERS and the DATE of installation of the respective Financial Product. As a rule, it is a head of the Bank business department with business plans concerning the scopes of attraction, placement, number of customers, margin etc.
    3. 4.3 Sub-project Coordinator is the head of a sub-project on the launch of a certain Financial Product on the part of CFT who is responsible for timely launch of the respective Financial Product and who coordinates the work of the specialists of CFT Project Team on the installation of the Financial Product.
  5. The launch of a Financial Product includes:
    1. 5.1 a sequence of stages (survey, acceptance tests, transfer and control support, end of month),
    2. 5.2 works on the setup, conversion, integration and customization of the Product in accordance with the specific requirements of the Bank.
  6. Weekly control of the Project progress.
    1. During the implementation of each sub-project, on a weekly basis, the Project Director on the part of CFT and Sub-project Co-director on the part of the Bank sum up the results of the previous week and coordinate and record the work plan (in accordance with the Product launch priorities) for the coming week.

System Launch Services​
  • Training
  • Installation of OS, DBMS, Platform
  • Estimation of the quality of initial data
  • Launch of Products/Applications
  • Integration of Applications
  • Modification of Products/Applications
  • Test days
  • Load testing
  • Control support
  • Consultation of generation of statutory reporting
  • Consultation on the end of month

Product start

  1. Select a Financial Product (from the Product Catalog) which you would like to offer to your customers.

    Each Product in the Catalog has:
    • description,
    • set of parameters configurable by the Bank (e.g., % rate, effective period, minimum balance, etc.),

      On the basis of each CFT Product Banks can configure an unlimited number of own Financial Products with various parameter values.
    • Product setup example with given parameters,
    • Set of Applications necessary for the Product launch.

      Sign in in the Bank Cabinet and you will see which Applications (within the selected Product) are licensed, and which require licensing (and their total cost). If any Applications required for the Product launch are not licensed by the Bank, the Bank can start using them in the Test Mode (FREE OF CHARGE during the first month).
  2. Configure the Product in accordance with your parameters.


Transfer to new CFT-Bank versions as they are released  

In accordance with CFT-Bank update schedule, CFT releases new System versions which include a large scope of follow-ups:
  • New Applications created in accordance with Bank business priorities,
  • Modified versions of existing Applications with a more developed functionality and corrected errors.

Use of outdated CFT-Bank versions:
  • deprives the Bank of all new System opportunities and therefore slows down the launch of new Financial Products,
  • increases the Bank costs for correction of errors (already corrected by CFT) and for creation and maintenance of own Products/Applications which are already implemented by CFT as a System standard, therefore the Bank loses the main advantage of the production System, i.e. the opportunity to share the investments in its creation and maintenance with other customers of the vendor.

Maintenance websites:

Maintenance Website Address
Platform 1, 2 МСА and Application Catalog
CFT-Retail Bank (Oracle-based)
Golden Crown System
Golden Crown – Money Transfers System
National Gorod System

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